Dental veneers, also known as porcelain veneers or composite veneers are thin shells of tooth-coloured, translucent porcelain or composite resin, custom made to fit over teeth and improve their colour, shape and overall appearance. Placement of dental veneers can dramatically improve your smile and appearance.

Placement of dental veneers is sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics” because they can be used to cover a variety of dental problems involving teeth in the “smile zone” including:

  • Spaces between the teeth
  • Poorly shaped or crooked teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Permanently externally stained and/or internally stained teeth
  • Unsightly or stained fillings

veneersToday’s composite materials can provide a life-like, beautiful appearance that is conservative of tooth structure and can last for a long time.

With composite veneers the resin is applied in layers to the tooth and sculpted directly in the mouth to achieve the desired aesthetic the patient is looking for. The greatest advantage of composite veneers is that it is an additive process that is reversible and can be removed and replaced as needed.

Porcelain veneer therapy involves removal of a thin approximately finger nail thickness layer of the tooth’s enamel followed by the bonding of a thin sculpted porcelain veneer. This procedure is used when there are more severe discolouration, malformation or misalignment of teeth.

Advantages of porcelain veneers are their extreme resistance to stain and chipping as compared to composite veneers.